Frisco Couple Protests Father’s Death for Seven Years

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NORTH DALLAS -- So, got any weekend plans? Well, one Frisco couple has spent every weekend for the past seven years doing the same thing. Bill and Kelly Putnam stand outside Signature Pointe on the Lake. The Putnams say what happened to Kelly's dad was something they never expected.

“He was actually killed by an incompetent health care provider,” Bill Putnam said.

Charles Caldwell was recovering at the facility after getting a feeding tube. He’d lost the ability to swallow due to Parkinson's disease and when a nurse came in to give him medication, things took a tragic turn.

“The medication went into his stomach and emptied out into his lungs, and he drowned in front of his family,” he said.

Kelly started CPR on her dad, but it was too late.

“We started the journey of finding out, you know, who do we talk to, who do we report this to?” Kelly Putnam said.

The couple says due to tort reform in Texas that places limits on the ability to file a lawsuit and caps damages amounts, they ran into countless legal obstacles. The reform was passed in 2003 to prevent frivolous lawsuits, but the Putnams say it’s prevented them from getting justice.

We reached out to Signature Pointe; they're under new management and had no comment on Caldwell's death or the picketing outside their facility.

The Putnams say they never miss a weekend. Their new mission is changing the tort reform law and they'll be out with their signs until they do.

“What was it that Dad always said was 'Just do what’s right.' That’s what he was all about,” Bill said.

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