Carrie Underwood’s Baby Accidentally Gets Locked in Car

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DALLAS -- Country star Carrie Underwood had to take more than a "Louisville Slugger to both headlights" this weekend when her 4-month-old baby and dogs were locked in her car.

Apparently, one of the pups hit the lock button, trapping them inside.  Thankfully, Underwood’s brother-in-law was around to smash the window to get 'em out.

Even with good intentions, accidents can happen. An average of 38 children die in hot cars each year.

Dr. Anthony Lyssy at Diamond Luxury Healthcare says that’s 38 too many.

“I don’t care how long you're going to be in the bank, in the store, don’t leave them in the car. It’s worth the effort,” he said.

With triple digit temps in Texas, it doesn’t take much, even if you’re not locked inside a vehicle.

“We end up seeing a lot of heat exhaustion injuries early afternoon, right at the start of August or July,” Lyssy explained.  “The elderly, and also children, kiddos are unable to regulate their body temperature like a fit athlete, a young adult, or an adult could.”

Back in February, we told you about UTD senior Nancy Dominguez who helped create a device texts you if you leave anything living inside a hot car.

“It checks for the temperature inside the car,” she explained.  “If a caregiver can’t respond in time, it reaches out to emergency services.”

She came up with the idea after brainstorming with her mother.  Now a new group of interns at AT&T Foundry are taking her idea to the next level.

“We’ve taken the really great idea from Nancy and are trying to bring it into a market within AT&T. We’ve stripped it down and looked at the capabilities, and added additional features,” Sophomore Ravi Narula said. “We have a couple ideas in mind to bring it to a market in 6-18 months.”

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