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Texas Group Vows to Fight SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

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DALLAS -- When it comes to weddings, some folks smile while some folks cry.  Turns out, the same can be said for same-sex marriages, and there are plenty of folks on both sides here in the Metroplex.

A group of pastors, lawyers, and activists came together Tuesday, to call on people of faith to join the "Real Marriage" movement and disobey the new law allowing LGBT weddings.

"Homosexual marriage is really a mirage," said Dr. Steve Hotze, president of the Conservative Republicans of Texas. "It's a counterfeit.  It's a lie."

For folks like Donnie Brown, a Dallas-based wedding planner, more weddings -- gay or straight -- mean more business.

"There's no way I'd turn down a gay couple. There's no way," said Brown. "And they're gonna come to me because I'm the most famous gay wedding planner in Texas."

So, could Dallas become a destination for gay weddings?

"I think same-sex couples are gonna come here for sure. Dallas is a big gay market," Brown said.

Be that as it may, not everyone is onboard with the SCOTUS decision.

"The agenda that the homosexual community has is to take Christianity out of the equation," said Pastor Bill Owens, who founded the Coalition of African-American Pastors,

But Brown disagreed saying, "I'm a Christian and I believe everyone should do what they want to do, as long as it's not illegal or doesn't negatively impact the world, what difference does it make?"

According to Owens, "Homosexuality is unnatural and they're trying to force it on us, make us accept it, and we won't. The fight has just begun."

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