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Pet Massage Therapy New Trend in Dallas-Ft Worth

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DALLAS -- Hey, do you ever find yourself dog tired? How about a massage? Not you. Your pup! That’s right, and this isn’t an extended petting session either.

“When you’re doing compression, you always want to make sure you’re supporting the limb underneath,” said Scott Grudberg  at Paradise 4 Paws while massaging on four-legged friend Maddie.

Surrounded by water fountains, fire hydrants, a bone-shaped pool, even candles? We could get used to this ruff life.

“I was in corporate America for most of my life," Grudberg explained.  “My dog was suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia and I really wanted to help him out. So, what a better time to leave my job and really work with animals, which is what I love to do."

That’s when Grudberg got certified in canine massage therapy in Chicago.

“It was about 200 hours of in class time.  After class, we had to do 100 hours of case studies,” he explained.

Pet massage therapists are trending in DFW.  And with benefits like surgery and injury recovery, stress reduction, and flexibility improvement, this seems like a doggone good deal.

“Occasionally we’ll hear a little snore coming out of the dog and the dog actually startles himself," Grudberg said with a smile. "He doesn’t realize how relaxed he really is from the massage."

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