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No JK’ing Around: Harry Potter Author Defends Serena Williams in Tweet

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DALLAS—Looks like Serena Williams has done it again! Six time Wimbledon champ, 21st Grand Slam title winner—even Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling thinks she’s got it goin’ on.

#Serena Slam was trending over the weekend, and the wizardry writer posted this tweet in support of Serena.

#serenaslam i love her what an athlete, what a role model, what a woman

And while a lot of folks said it was a winner, one guy showed well, no love, saying “She is built like a man.”  That’s when Rowling zapped back with this pic of Serena in a red dress, saying: husband looks just like this in a dress, you’re an idiot.

Some might say, you mess with the wizard, you get the wand. Some folks we met Monday were on Serena’s side.

“She’s all woman to me,”  Jeffery Stewart said.  “She could wrap one of those legs around me any day.”

“Black women are built, there’s nothing wrong with her body. I wish I had her body, honestly,” Quay McCarver said.  “She’s the greatest female tennis player. I can actually say so they just wanted to find something negative to say about her.   They’re intimidated by her because that body is gorgeous. She’s fit, she’s healthy, she got the butt, she’s got the everything. She’s perfect.”

Body shaming has been taking to social media lately—how about the #dontjudgechallenge?

“God put our spirit into this body, and this is what we have,” Mark Bomer said.  “What we do with it is really nobody’s business but your own.  Just like what people think about you.  It’s really none of my business what people think about me.”

“If it doesn’t really affect me or anyone me, it doesn’t really matter,” Jose Razo said.  “It’s their life, not mine.”

“She’s a wonderful, independent woman to me. Look, I’m available. I’m available!” laughed Stewart.

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