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Neeha Curtis, Eye Opener Host

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Neeha Curtis

Last meal on death row: Chicken curry and coconut rice – my absolute favorite.

You know you’re in/from Texas when: You see more trucks than cars.

You should hear me sing:  Disney songs. Any of them. All of them. I can sing them (or at least try to).

In which reality TV show would you most likely be found? Cupcake Wars! I love eating cupcakes, making cupcakes—so much so I’d go to war over them.

If I had free time, I would: Travel. I Love love love traveling, seeing new people, cultures, and food.

First thing you would do if you woke up as a member of the opposite sex? Shave my head and buy a bow tie so I could look like Oliver Tull.

Oliver with a bow tie

Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate with a side of chocolate.

What keeps me going: My family, my dogs, and my friends.

I’m known around the newsroom for: My baked goods. I love baking and then testing out the treats on my coworkers.

Neeha Pinterest

Favorite Viral Video: Aunt Boo “I Wish I Could Choke The Cartoon Cast of Frozen”

This video CRACKED me up!

Johnny Depp Willy Wonka or Gene Wilder Willy Wonka? Definitely Gene Wilder Willy Wonka!  The absolute original. Plus Johnny Depp’s Wonka really creeped me out.

Fad you are embarrassed you got into: Oh Lawd….overalls with one shoulder hanging off. What was I thinking??

Best DFW tradition:  The State Fair of Texas. It’s the BEST fair that has ever existed. Fried everything…. fried anything.

Favorite CW33 show: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin

High five or fist bump? I’m old school. I love a good, enthusiastic, well-placed high five.

Secret celebrity crush? This is not so secret because we joke about my crush on Leonardo DiCaprio all the time. I love him. Call me Leo if you’re reading this. 

Leonardo Neeha

Food Trucks: Yum or yuck?  Food trucks are the absolute BEST. Some of the best foods I’ve eaten have been made in a truck!

Favorite DFW late-night food: I can’t have late night food on my schedule! I’m at work!

Neeha Winter Hat Monitor

Fav Halloween costume: Cleopatra!

Best superpower: I’m the dog whisperer. If there is a stray dog I will capture it and bring it home. I once followed a stray dog in my car to capture it and bring it to safety. Just call me Elmyra from Tiny Toons.

13: Lucky or unlucky? Have you seen Friday the 13th?  

Superstitions? My mom always said to always tell someone your nightmares so they don’t come true. I’ve always done this just in case she was telling the truth. 

EO Crew

Why Eye Opener? I’ve worked at quite a few news stations and Eye Opener is the first place I can say I am myself. It’s an authentic, fun, smart, and lively show full of information. The people behind the scenes who write, produce, and put the show on air are so incredibly talented. The show often makes ME laugh as it’s going on. Here’s the best thing about Eye Opener: The people I work with are not just my coworkers– we are family, we are friends, and it’s such a privilege to come into work every day to be with people I truly love. 

Favorite family tradition: A big Christmas day lunch or dinner with the whole family — aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. 

Flipping channels, the movie you always stop on: Home Alone


Behind my back they say: “She’s planning another segment of This Sucks!”

I give back to my community by: I am a the mentor in the refugee program for Catholic Charities of Fort Worth. I love working with kids and I’m constantly amazed by their resilience, especially coming from such a tough background.  I also volunteer with the Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas. I love animals and it breaks my heart seeing so many without homes. 

Neeha Field

Backstory:  I graduated from the College of New Jersey with a Bachelors in English and Philosophy. I worked a year in production at NBC News and USA Today Live.  After realizing I wanted to get in front of the camera, I headed to graduate school at Syracuse University.  I received my masters in broadcast journalism and 3 weeks later I had my first on air job in Greenville, MS. I took a break from TV for a year and taught broadcast journalism as a faculty professor at Mississippi Valley State University. After my time in Mississippi, I headed to Baton Rouge, LA to anchor for WVLA and KETK in Tyler TX. I worked for another station in Dallas before coming to Eye Opener TV and have loved every second working with such a talented fun hilarious group of people!  You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Neeha Studio

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