Troy Aikman is Aching Over Potholes Peppering Dallas Streets

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DALLAS -- Oh, the dreaded pothole. Yeah, show of hands -- how many of you carefully tread those wheel-damaging divots peppering our city streets?

We hear ya. Heck, we’ve even featured a few doozies on Pothole of the Day.

“It’s frustrating, running over huge, deep potholes that are actually dangerous,” one driver told NewsFix.

Well, forget Pothole of the Day, we’re talking potholes for days. Look, we’ve all heard the story; this winter’s ice storm and spring’s soaking rains have driven our streets into the ground.

But, how bad is it when our local legend, Pro-Bowler, and Super Bowl champ Troy Aikman is achin’ over these pesky pits?

Check out his tweet:

His post was re-tweeted almost 200 times, folks.

Hey Troy, you should hit us up. We’ll get on it. Some of the holes we put on blast have already been patched.

That’s just how we roll at NewsFix.

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