Irving Mom’s Attorney Says She’s Not to Blame for Drownings

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IRVING -- The Irving mother whose three kids drowned in an apartment complex pool is out on bail after cops charged her with injury to a child.

“It is a second-degree felony. And by statute, that is punishable between two and 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine,” said Officer James McLennan with Irving PD.

Patricia Allen was arrested Friday. She posted the $50,000 bond a day later.

“The recklessness of her taking five young children with either no ability or little ability to swim or be in the water without a flotation devices, that is the basis of our charge,” Officer McLennan said.

Allen's attorney says her client's tearful mug shot tells the story of a tragic accident -- not a crime.

“The fact that she's been the focus of the attention here is outrageous to me," said Linda Turley, Allen's attorney. "Where the attention should have been focused from the get-go was on that pool.”

According to Irving PD, the pool was so cloudy, you couldn't see the bottom.

“We haven't found anything to suggest she was anything but a good mom. To go after her is absolutely unreasonable,” Turley said.

Whatever happens in court, this mom is facing a life sentence without three of her kids.

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