Homer Simpson’s Fav Duff Beer Hitting Real-Life Store Shelves

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SANTIAGO, CHILE -- Beer lovers, rejoice! A new beer is set to hit the market. And although it may be the new beer on the block, you've likely seen it promoted for years. Duff, that beer you know from The Simpsons but haven't had a chance to love, is hitting real-life shelves.

It's debuting in Chile. That's right, South America. But don't worry, according to the Wall Street Journal, a worldwide release is being considered.

Why Chile? Because that’s where bootleggers are already illegally selling beer with Duff labels. So, rather than continue to cry over spilled beer, 21st Century Fox decided to create its own officially licensed product.

As of now, Duff is only available in the United States at Universal Studios Parks in Orlando and Los Angeles.

The big question -- is it any good?

Rolling Stone reports a British brewmaster has created a recipe that will make it a premium lager with a caramel aromatic, so you might not want to use it for beer pong.

Either way, it looks like Simpsons fans better get their beer bellies ready.

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