Dez Tweet Making Cowboy Fans Nervous

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VALLEY RANCH -- Dez Bryant is taking another spin on the Jerry-Go-Round. He's apparently holding out for a big money contract, and the Cowboys apparently aren't budging.

So, Dez did what Dez does best -- throw up the X-asperation on Twitter.

Dez tweeted, "As much as I love football, on my beautiful babies, I apologize #CowboyNation but I will not be there if no deal."

Nooooo! That's not what fans want to hear.

The deadline for the Cowboys to sign a long-term deal with their top receiver is Wednesday. If it doesn't happen, then no ref needed to rule a "no catch" because Dez says he won't catch any balls for Dallas, at least anytime soon.

After Wednesday, the Cowboys franchise tag on Dez would be permanent for the season. That means he would earn $12 million a year.

Hey, that's a nice chunk of change, but we're guessing not enough for a bonafide baller like Dez.

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