Shorter or Longer? Jeb Bush Says Americans Should Work Longer Work Weeks

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NORTH TEXAS- Happy Friday eve! Hey folks, the long work week is almost over, and while you're looking forward to the weekend, Jeb Bush is having to work some overtime to explain his latest comments.

In an interview with the New Hampshire’s Union Leader, Bush said in order to grow the economy, Americans need to work longer hours.

Wait, what?

But before you throw your time sheet up in the air, Bush's camp says the comments were in reference to the under-employed and part time workers.

But could longer hours really make us more productive as a whole??

Well Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse, an online school program, is getting rid of the traditional 40 hour work week.

He says a 32 hour schedule where employees enjoy a 3 day weekend is increasing productivity!

Sounds like a good idea, after all we're talking about an over-worked workforce that doesn't use their paid vacation.

So could four-day work week be the future??

Now that's a picture we want to be a part of!

Hey, maybe Jeb Bush needs to take a class from Carson.