‘Shame’ Spray-Painted on Robert E. Lee Statue in Dallas

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DALLAS -- After that flag finally came down in South Carolina Friday morning, plenty of folks had plenty to say about the battle over the Confederate flag.

NewsFix talked to Cynthia Harriman at the Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth -- yep, they've got a whole museum full of memorabilia -- to get an opinion from a Civil War expert.

"Well, I think it's good that South Carolina is the one that's deciding," said Harriman. "Each community is gonna really have to figure out for themselves how they're going to deal with this."

But it seems just as one battle is ending, a bigger one is just beginning.  Forget the flag, this is over the Confederacy itself and how history should remember the Civil War.

Friday morning, someone vandalized the Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas, spray painting it with the word "shame".

There's also a petition on Change.org to rename two DISD schools named for Confederate generals.

And what about places like Granbury, a whole city named after a Brigadier General who fought and died for the South?

"It bothers me that everybody's so quick to say, 'let's remove monuments, let's remove buildings, let's remove street names' because we're missing very teachable moments," Harriman said.

While folks across the country are celebrating the flag coming down in South Carolina, it seems like this debate ain't over, y'all.