SEE IT: Bungee Cord Snaps on Amusement Ride!

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WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. — This terrifying video may have thrill seekers singing, “The Thrill is Gone!” It shows the exact moment a bungee cord snapped on an amusement park ride in Wisconsin just as the riders were about to launch into the air.

We’re cringing right now! Could you imagine what could have happened?!

The rope slammed so hard into the concrete, it left a “4-inch deep hole,” 13-year-old Trevor Larson told WISN.

Trevor’s terrified dad caught it all on camera.

“Thank goodness the guy standing behind them didn’t pull the lever to let them go,” Dru Larson said. “He was right there.”

The amusement park, Mt. Olympus, told WISN it has ordered the owner of the ride — Casco Inc. — to remove the Catapult immediately.