Patti Lupone Snatches Phone from Texter During Broadway Show

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NEW YORK, NY -- We've all been there -- at the movies, a comedy show, or even a concert and someone is on their phone nonstop. Can we say annoying? Well, Broadway star Patti Lupone has had her fair share of digital disruptions on stage.

But when one woman on the front row decided to text during Patti's performance of "Shows for Days" at the Lincoln Center, Lupone took matters into her own hands – by grabbing the woman's cell.

How's that for a group text?

Lupone tells the New York Times, “Some people gasped when I took the phone. Some people applauded."

But it looks like the internet got some laughs out of the unscripted scene.

Now the lady got her phone back after the show.

But when the lights dim, make sure you're not the one with a bright screen. Getting your phone snatched on stage can be an embarrassing part to play.