Moving On: Mavs Focus on Future Without DJ, Acquire Zaza Pachulia

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DALLAS, TX -- Okay, so it’s not exactly the scenario Mavs fans wanted to see play out during the off season.

Yeah, the whole DeAndre Jordan in-and-out drama was like a scene straight out of Jerry Maguire. Hey, it even threw Mr. Shark Tank, Mark Cuban, for a loop.

"It’s over. There’s nothing you can do about it," Cuban said. "You think for a second, is there anything I can change; you think for another second, what have I learned. Then, you move forward and say, what are our options?”

Looks like we might need to send in the reinforcements; cue the inspirational locker room speech Kurt Russel gave in the movie, Miracle.

Feel better?

Well, keep your heads up, MFFL nation; there’s still hope.  Yeah, the Mavs just acquired center Zaza Pachulia from the Milwaukee Bucks. The near seven-foot center has some decent stats, averaging 7-points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 21-minutes.

Pachulia joins guard and six-year vet, Wes Matthews. He was signed Thursday. So, there – no more “we lost DJ, we lost Tyson;” the season hasn’t even started.

Here's a thought: maybe the Mavs can use Dirk Nowitzki’s new documentary as a recruiting tool. His movie, The Perfect Shot, officially dropped on Friday.

Hey, who wouldn’t want to play with Dirk?