DFW Bars Busted Selling Cheap Booze at Top Shelf Prices

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ADDISON -- Ever get the feeling when you take a swig, you didn't get quite what you ordered? Well, according to an undercover investigation in Texas, there may be a reason for that.

That's what the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission found out when they launched "Operation Bottoms Up" and went bar hopping ordering top shelf liquor. Turns out, that's not what they always got.

The spirits in question: vodka, bourbon, and rum.

No need to worry beer lovers, respect was shown for the suds.

TABC investigators collected over 150 stealth samples statewide and found 40 samples contained the cheap stuff.  More than 20 of the suspicious samples came from bars and restaurants in Addison, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Irving and Mesquite.

The TABC hasn't revealed the names of who’s stiffing you when you pay big bucks.

This is the first time the TABC has tested bartenders in Texas. New technology makes it possible to identify exactly what's being poured into your glass.

So memo to bar owners, looks like it's time to start inspecting your shelves top to bottom.