Citizenship Ceremony Welcomes New Americans in Irving

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IRVING --  “I came from Sri Lanka in 2,000. I was a refugee recognized by the United Nations. I crossed the Mediterranean Sea, And today, I am a citizen!"

Andrew Vanarkadi is one of the 110 newest Americans who took their oath Friday at a naturalization ceremony in Irving.

“I was born in the U.K. I’ve just wanted to become a United States citizen for quite some time,” G. Ramsey said.

A lot of money, studying and time goes into making their American Dream come true.

“The process has taken about 20 something years. Love all the blessings I’ve received from this country,” Ramsey added.

“This country is a blessed country.  It’s amazing to get to come here just to melt and to become one,” Anu Ferguson said.  “We come from everywhere. You have people from Europe, from Africa, from Asia, and just come and become one.”

“These are people that just make my life,” Ramsey said with family and friends by her side. “I’m very blessed.”