Texas is the Best Place in America to Make a Living

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DALLAS -- We all know it's not just the stars at night that are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas. It seems like every other week somebody lists Texas as the best place for one thing or another.  And hey, who doesn't love a compliment?

This week's compliment comes from Money-Rates.com which names Texas the "Best Place in America to Make a Living." That's based on things like wages, taxes, and cost of living.

NewsFix talked to folks who are moving or recently moved from such far away lands as Mississippi and Alaska to see what they think.

"The housing market is amazing here," said Jasmine Brown, who's in the process of moving from Mississippi. "A house would be more affordable than an apartment!"

"Groceries is a huge thing," said Will Cole, a recent transplant from Anchorage, Alaska. "A tomato doesn't cost $3. In Anchorage, you're gonna pay three bucks for a stinkin' tomato!"

Hey, go Texas, right??

But these out-of-staters also pointed out some Texas-sized problems.

"The traffic," Brown said. "I am not accustomed to that traffic, at all."

"This is gonna sound harsh, but it seems so violent," added Cole. "Someone's getting shot, someone's shooting the police. I have never lived in a place where I saw things like that."

Well, we can't be the best at everything, right?

But if Money-Rates.com is right, at least we're the champions when it comes to making a living.