Nearly 100 Cats Euthanized Due to Virus Outbreak in Denton Shelter

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DENTON -- Folks at a North Texas animal shelter are reeling from the loss of nearly 100 cats and kittens. The Denton Animal Shelter had to euthanize the cats after an outbreak of a fatal feline virus called calicivirus.

“It can cause ulcerations in the mouth, which makes it very difficult to eat and to drink. And if the animal has some issues going on, there can be secondary infections,” said Lt. David Hildebrand with Denton P.D.

Calicivirus attacks the respiratory tract, lungs, and nasal passages and is passed from cat to cat.

According to Denton P.D, after the shelter took in a stray, tests came back that the cat was contagious.

“By that time, you're looking at about two days worth of time that the animal had been in the isolation room with the other animals,” Hildebrand said.

With the shelter now full of animals that were exposed, a heartbreaking decision was made for 10 cats and 87 kittens.

The folks at the shelter are still dealing with the loss of so many cats, but they were able to protect 30 cats from the outbreak.

While the virus is hard to treat, it can be prevented by making sure your cat is up to date with vaccinations.

“That is the best method in which to try and keep this virus from spreading and getting to their animals,” said Hildebrand.

Yeah, you want to let your cat enjoy all nine lives, right?