LA Flipper: Mad Mavs Fan Goes on EPIC DeAndre Jordan Rant

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DALLAS — Mavs fans woke up Thursday morning with a DeAndre Jordan sized hangover. Less than a week after verbally committing to play for the Mavs, and just hours before it was all official, DeAndre flip-flopped, bolting back to LA!

The bizarre, 11th-hour double cross played out on Twitter with Chandler Parsons waging an emoji war against the LA recruiters.

Blake Griffin even trolled the idea that the Clippers had barricaded themselves in DeAndre’s house until he could sign a deal.

Thursday, Rick Carlisle didn’t have much to say at Mavs Summer League Practice.

“Anything involving free agency or the questions you guys are all here to ask is off limits,” said Carlisle. “It’s just how we’re going to do business with this thing.”

Yikes! Looks like DeAndre has gone from free agent hero to "He Who Must Not Be Named!"

So, what would Mavs fans say to Jordan after he dissed their team? Watch as this guy goes on an EPIC rant.


“Come August, he’ll probably want to play for the Lakers so good riddance, and we’ll do just fine without you,” said fan Doug Jackson.

As for Mark Cuban, he said Thursday that he has still yet to hear anything from DeAndre since Tuesday night, so he’s still in the dark, too.

Yeah, it may still be awhile before we can all piece together exactly how this massive deal fell apart.