Corporate America: New Netflix Sitcom Stars Tour DFW

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DALLAS -- We all have a story about "that annoying co-worker." How about that one guy who’s always nabbing the office toilet paper? Well, the new sitcom Corporate America might help you laugh about all that.

And NewsFix had a chance to catch up with the cast.

“From the germophobic executive to the executive who we don’t know how he manages to make such a fortune because he’s such a goof off,” said Vivian Fullerlove, who plays "Mel," said when asked about the characters.

“Everyone has a Corporate America story,” Demetrie King said. “And I don’t need to do stand up or acting to give you a good laugh of corporate America.  I think it’s going to resonate very well.”

It’s all based on a book by Sal Savello called You Can’t Make This S**t Up: Corporate America.

And the backdrop is Dallas, Texas.

“We’re the problem office, so Sal has to make frequent visits to Dallas to find out what these wacky southerners are doing,” Fullerlove added.

“They asked me to be a mailroom guy which is what I’ve been doing 15 years at a law firm,” comedian David Jessup said.  “I pretty much just do what I do, which is look through people’s mail, and then figure out who has student loan debt and then blackmail them with it.”

The team is working with Baton Rouge-based Films in Motion. The show is on its way to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes.

“This show’s not dated,”  Brian Schoby explained. “This show will be from Sal’s perspective and memories. It’s a different format.”

“It’ll be interactive, so if you’re online you can touch what they’re wearing and link back to where you purchase it,” Kim Glasgow said.

“Because nothing’s creepy like watching a TV show and touching a character, and you tell your girlfriend, ‘look it’s from Kohls!’” Jessup chimed in.

You can meet the stars on tour Sunday at Hyenas Comedy Nightclub.  Tyson Faifer from American Ninja Warrior will be one of the headliners.

Now that sounds boss!