Coming Soon: Paramount to Speed Up Home Release of Movies

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HOLLYWOOD -- If you'd rather watch movies from the comfort of your couch than with a crowd of strangers at a theater, we have great news. Movies are about to be released for home viewing way faster than ever before.

Paramount just inked a deal with AMC Theatres and Cineplex to allow their films to be available on DVD or digital formats just two weeks after the films are available in 300 theaters or less.

The industry standard has been a 90 day wait after a film makes its debut.

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It looks like the Internet is changing how we get movies just like it changed music.

With so many movie lovers pirating films to watch what they want when they want, Paramount decided to turn the tables.

To encourage participation, Paramount agreed to share revenue from iTunes downloads and on-demand services with theaters willing to take a chance on the new business model.

But the real question is, how close are we to movies skipping the theaters altogether? We got a sneak preview of that when The Interview was forced to cancel its major theatrical release due to threats of violence. It earned $40 million in digital rentals.

Although silence is golden, the almighty dollar is still king. It's the Internet versus the theaters.

Get your popcorn ready, people.