Facebook Shifts Friend Icon to More Gender Friendly Look

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MENLO PARK, CA -- In case you missed it, there's a more gender-friendly icon gracing the Facebook page these days. The new friends logo now features the woman beside the man.

And to refresh your memory, that wasn't the case before. The faceless woman was a tad bit smaller and looked as if she was actually behind her counterpart.

Photo Credit: facebook/ Caitlin Winner

Photo Credit: Facebook/ Caitlin Winner

See the difference…

Photo Credit: Facebook/Caitlin Winner

Photo Credit: Facebook/Caitlin Winner

Well, Facebook design manager Caitlin Winner says she made the change after noticing the old icon looked as if the woman had a chip on her shoulder.


Photo Credit: Facebook/Caitlin Winner

Guess you can't blame a woman who's been in the shadow of a man for years!

Hey, we're just happy they've also hooked her up with a new hair-do. That Darth-Vader look was definitely a thumbs down in our book.

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