Tech Fail! Glitches Take Down United Airlines, NYSE, WSJ

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DALLAS -- They're the two words you absolutely hated as a kid -- "You're grounded!" Heck, maybe they sting even more if you're an adult at an airport.

Well, that's the situation travellers were in at DFW International Wednesday morning. Turns out, United Airlines had a worldwide network connectivity issue that wouldn't let any of their planes take off.

"Everybody's just crammed in this little area and there's a lot of people and everyone's getting mad," one passenger told NewsFix.

Thankfully, United was back in business by noon. No word on what triggered the problem.

But the tech trouble didn't stop there. All trading was halted on the New York Stock Exchange for more than three hours Wednesday due to a "technical glitch."

And right after that, the Wall Street Journal announced it was also having technical difficulties.

With only an hour left to the final bell, the NYSE finally reopened. Although that might not be a good thing with stocks nosediving.

So, is this the future of our digital dependence? Pretty scary to think about things getting worse than a few glitches in The Matrix.

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