U.S. Say What?!?

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Imagine if you will, you just woke up after taking a nap -- let's say a few years. You'd probably say, 'Whoa!'

Yeah, thinkgs are changing fast; the USA is becoming the U-S say what??

Pot is legal.

All gay people can get married.

The flag is coming down faster than it's going up.

And Cuba is our new bestie.

I think half of you could refer to these changes as Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, while others refer to the sequel.

Call it what you want, but remember: No matter how you look at it, change keeps us on our toes, questioning if there is a better way.

Hey, it wasn't too long ago, people thought women shouldn't vote, while others thought Jim Crow signs were acceptable.

Like it or not, you can't stop change.

But don't blink. Because you could be yelling, 'US say what??' on other things soon. Like, guns. Abortion. Taxes. Debt. Processed foods. Public schools.

Something to think about this weekend: The founding fathers wanted 'change' nearly 240 years ago. Remember their excellent adventure was someone else's bogus journey.

Luckily, it all worked out.

The good news: Change usually has a way of working out in the end, so if someone you know says these recent changes are the end of life as we know it, they're wrong. It's just life.

And we all learn a little bit about ourselves in the process.