Status Update: Facebook to Build Data Center in Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH, TX -- Hey, North Texas, how`s this for a status post: Facebook is moving to Fort Worth.

Yeah, that`s definitely worth a 'like.' Get this: the social media site has its site on a plot of land just north of State Highway 170, in the Alliance corridor.

Okay, before you brush up your resume, FB`s new pad is reportedly a data center. So, we`re thinking it`s probably not the image you had in mind.

According to, Facebook data centers house thousands of computer servers. The Cowtown location will add to the existing centers built in Oregon, North Carolina and Sweden.

By the looks of NC's plant, this place is going to be huge. Guess it takes a lot of computers to keep nearly 1.5 billion Facebook feeds going.

The official groundbreaking is set for Tuesday morning. Even Gov. Greg Abbott will be on hand. No word yet if Mr. Facebook himself,  Mark Zuckerberg, will make a special appearance.

Wonder if he shows up in the lone star state, if he`ll sport his signature hoodie in this heat?

Welcome to North Texas, Facebook.