How Kaboom Town Air Show Lights Up the Sky

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ADDISON -- The 4th of July is upon us, and that means a lot of folks will be hitting up the firework shows that are popping up around town. One of the biggest shows is going on in Addison.

“Its called Addison Kaboom town, and it's our 30th anniversary,” said Town of Addison's Mary Rosenbleeth.

Kaboom Town brings on the BANG!, firing off 3,500 shells from the ground; meanwhile, in the air, pilot Dan Buchanan lights up the sky.

“I’m here to fly a pyrotechnics show off the wings of this glider; I think this is my fourth year here. They keep bringing me back; I think they like it!” he said.

His crew chief, Jason Pearson, remembers when he first saw Buchanan hit the sky. “I used to see Dan perform at air shows in 7th grade, and going ‘Wow, I want to do that!’ and here I am working with one of the best performers in the country.”

The glider is fitted with fireworks, a process that takes this crew two days to complete.

“We carry a lot of fireworks on this very light aircraft, and it is dangerous, but that`s what takes so much time and prep -- to do it and make it safe.” said Pearson

“Once in a while if I`m not careful, I will fly through some live sparks of my own, because I`m circling, staying very localized in my performing area,” Buchanan said.

This pilot leaves a trail of dust, sparks, and ash so he`s constantly getting blasted, but blasted or not the show goes on.. but these are the professional kids, don`t try this at home..