Battle Buddies: Vietnam Veterans Reunite After Four Decades

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DESOTO--It was a reunion 46 years in the making.

Richard Dalton, James Orr and Howard Cravens all served in Charlie Company during the Vietnam War and haven't seen each other since 1969.

"It's wonderful to be back and reconnected, it really is," Orr said. "It's sort of like going back to your first high school love and she still loves you."

It was Cravens' idea to get the three together.

"One day I went on the website for the division and I saw their names and I called them and that`s how we got in touch,' he said.

The reunion in DeSoto was brief, a time to trade war stories and to talk about a war few soldiers could prepare for.

"There were situations that were very very dire," Orr said. "There were situations that no one would want to be in, but we survived it. And it's almost sacred because you can`t describe it or say one did more than the other.'

These friends remembered the good times, too.

'This guy at the end was the jokester," Cravens said. "He always kept everyone going and he was kind of a jokester. This one he was kind of serious but he and I had this thing in common we always used to tease each other. We`re just brothers. We`re just tight."

"It's not all gory and war stories," Orr said. "It's basically all the funny things that anybody that`s been in the military will understand what I`m saying.'