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History For Sale: 150-Year-Old Baseball Card Up For Auction

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DALLAS, TX — It’s almost Independence Day, and there’s probably nothing more American than baseball.

Yeah, it’s our nation’s pastime for a reason, with it’s rich history going back for centuries. Well, the folks over at Heritage Auctions have a piece of that history, unlike any other unlike any other.

“The interesting thing about this card is that it predates the Civil War,” Noah Fleischer, PR Director with Heritage Auctions, explained. “And it’s the earliest team baseball card to ever be auctioned off.”

Yeah, this card was made before the first shots of the Civil War was even fired. The team depicted on it, the Brooklyn Atlantics, was one of the greatest amateur teams to ever play, back in the days before the pro’s even existed.

“In terms of what would’ve constituted professional baseball before there was professional baseball, pre-1869 these guys were it. They were the team,” Fleischer said.

Yeah, they were basically the Yankees before the Yankees. So, what’s the going rate for a card like this?

“We have it conservatively estimated at $50,000," Fleischer said. “There was an example of the 1865 Brooklyn Atlantics, that was sold two years ago in a small auction house in Maine. That card brought $92,500. So, while $50,000 is the conservative estimate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go much higher than that.”

Yeah, a little too rich for our blood. But hey, this thing is literally one of a kind. Not a bad conversation starter.

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