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Bubble Burst: New Bubble Wrap Lacks Iconic ‘Pop’

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CHARLOTTE, NC -- Okay folks, we don’t mean to pop your bubble, but here’s some news you’ll need to wrap your mind around.

Looks like the popular packing product, Bubble Wrap, is losing its pop. Get this, Sealed Air Corp., the company that’s been selling the iconic popping material for over 50-years, is revamping its roll.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the company is opting for a more space-friendly material, and will inflate flat sheets of plastic. Yeah, the new product is now reportedly dubbed iBubble Wrap, as in 'iCan no longer pop this wrap anymore.'

Thanks, Sealed Air.  C’mon, we all know the best part of any package is the Bubble Wrap. After all, what will we do now for mindless entertainment?

Well, guess you can say that bubble poppin’ fun is a wrap, folks.

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