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Large Crowd, Big Bangs Expected at Annual Kaboom Town in Addison

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ADDISON, TX  - Seems like everybody is gearing up for the Fourth of July, and one of the top firework shows in the country is Addison's Kaboom Town.

“We got some great accolades this year," Mary Rosenbleeth with Addison said. "USA Today ranked us on of the top 10 fireworks shows in the country.”

The top ten show is going on its 30th year, and is expected to bring out nearly 500,000 folks. Over at the park grounds, venders are working overtime to get the event to go off with a bang.

“We`re going to sell as much food as we can after we get these tents put all together. Takes about a solid six hours to get set up," vendor Tom Grace explained.

There's also an air show guaranteed to light up the sky.

“I’m here to fly a pyrotech show of the wings of this glider, this is my fourth year here I think they like it,” Air Show Pilot, Dan Buchanan said.

Pulling off one of the largest fireworks show in North Texas takes months of planning.

“It takes about three days for the show to get choreographed, takes another month or two to get the music straight with what we want to do so this starts way back in January,” Chad Stanley said. Stanley is the lead operator for the Addison Kaboom Town show. Housed on four flatbed trucks, the crew is prepping 3,500 shells for showtime explosion.

“Half of those will go off during the 20-minutes you see during the whole show, and the other half go off in the last 30-seconds,"  Stanley explained.

Kaboom Town is such a huge event, folks say show up early, and get ready for your mind to get blown.

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