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70+ DPD Officers Honored for Actions During HQ Shootout

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DALLAS, TX - Who could forget the Saturday morning shootout that left Dallas Police Headquarters riddled with bullet holes and shattered windows?

Dallas PD was dealing with a gunman in an armored truck, armed with high-caliber ammunition.  After a 12-hour stand-off, DPD confirmed the suspect, James Boulware, had been killed.

Almost three weeks after that terrifying event, Dallas HQ remains boarded up, but the heroic actions of the department were recognized. DPD Chief David Brown honored the officers who dodged dozens of bullets and protected the city back on June 13.

One by one, the names of more than 70 of Dallas's finest were called, as Chief Brown presented them with their police commendations.

"We don't like to brag on ourselves, we don't like others to brag on us," Brown said. "But, at the same time, we need to pat ourselves on the back sometimes and say, 'boy that was a damn good job.'"

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