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Pricey Request: City Hands Down Big Bill for Information

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McKINNEY - Sometimes getting information isn`t cheap; blog site Gawker is finding that out big time. The news and gossip site submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the City of McKinney, asking for records and emails about now resigned Officer Eric Casebolt.

Attorneys for the city agreed to process the request, but only if Gawker coughed up nearly $80,000. Don't think Gawker was expecting such a big bill for so little information.

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So why the expensive tab? The attorneys claim Gawker wants records dating back to 2005, when Casebolt was first hired. They calculate the city would need to hire a programmer to search through old emails which they say would cost $28.50 an hour.

McKinney estimates the job would take 2,231 hours but at $28.50 an hour that only adds up to about $63,000. The city is also planning to charge for a computer, which they say would cost almost $15,000.

Oh and Casebolt's personal file will cost $255. All of that brings the bill to a grand total of $79,229. The McKinney Police Department records supervisor confirmed the bill, which Gawker says they'll appeal.

Looks like Gawker may need some help from another site. GoFundMe anybody?

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