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Girl Scouts Returns $100K Donation To Trans-phobic Donor

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SEATTLE, WA- Those tasty Thin Mint cookies aren`t the only sweet part of being a Girl Scout!

Turns out, the organization accepts every girl no matter their race, creed, or gender identity.

That`s why the Girls Scouts of Western Washington are getting a round of applause after rejecting a $100,000 donation.

A lot of cash that could have sent 500 scouts to camp!

"It was a sad decision, but it was not a difficult decision. We will not be put into a position of having to turn a girl away," Megan Ferland, CEO, Girl Scouts of Western WA explained.

But, the large gift came with a catch.

The unknown donor stipulated the money could not be used for Girl Scouts who are transgender.

Well, that's not how the Girl Scouts roll. The organization sent back the donor`s not-so generous gift and pledged to raise the money on their own.

Once their campaign went viral, donations to their Indie GoGo funding page just kept rolling in.

In less than an hour, they hit their $100,000 mark and last check, they’ve doubled the amount they returned.

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