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A Friend Indeed? Co-defendant Agrees to Testify Against JWP

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DALLAS–Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has made a lot of enemies over the years and a lot of friends, too.

Well, Price might need to reevaluate his friendships because one friend seems to have broken both of those rules.

Christian Lloyd CampbellChristian Lloyd Campbell pleaded guilty Wednesday to his role in the corruption case against Price.

Court documents say Campbell paid off one of Price’s associates, Kathy Nealy, in return for help getting a county contract.

But the worst news for Price? His former friend has agreed to testify against* him when Price’s trial starts, probably in January.

And what’s the big payoff for switching sides? Campbell’s plea deal means he only gets three years in prison, instead of the five years he was facing if his case had gone to trial.

It’s taken a long time for this case to come together, from an investigation that began quietly back in 2001, to the raid on price’s home and office in 2011, to his indictment and arrest in 2014.

john wiley priceThrough it all, Price has continued his reign as Dallas County’s longest-serving commissioner.

But while he’s fighting to stay out of prison, he’ll also be fighting to stay in office. He faces former Dallas council member Dwaine Caraway in the primary next March.

Looks like JWP’s gonna need a little help from his friends to pull that off.

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