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Mystery Meat: Culinary Student Competition Heats Up In Dallas

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DALLAS, Texas -- If you were wondering what that mysterious smell was creeping over Dallas Monday, it just might`ve been all that good cooking` coming from the 78th Annual Restaurant Association Marketplace.

Yeah, student chefs from Texas ProStart, a program that preps teens for careers in the restaurant industry served up their best dishes in front of a panel of judges.

But the race against the clock wasn`t the only twist in this cutting edge competition.

The students and their budding mentors had to create a meal using ingredients in a mystery box.

Major props to Tiffany Simmons from Byron Nelson High School and her mentor Charles Youts. The duo made it past the chopping block and was crowned master chefs of the competition.

“We kind of had a game plan set and it`s not all the ingredients we expected, but it turned out really well,” explained Simmons.

Hey, you know what they say: If you can`t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

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