Apple Pays Interns Nearly $80,000 a Year?!

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DALLAS—What was your first summer gig?

“Working at a grocery store,” Jason Cazares said.

“My first summer job was inventory at a flower shop,” Linda Yzaguirre added.

“My first summer job was only like a weekend kind of job, so my paycheck was like $80,” Norma Rosas said.

For some Apple Interns fresh out the tree, try $80,000 -- at least according to a report from Business Insider.

“Wow that’s a lot of money,” Yzaguirre exclaimed.  “I should work for them,” Destinee de los Santos mentioned.

“That’s pretty incredible,” Cazares explained.  “They’re Apple, they can spend as much money as they want.  It’s pretty beneficial to see Apple to give back to their interns.”

But according to the article, here’s the catch: You can’t tell your friends anything about your job. And the deal might not be all one would think.  Check the cost of living near the headquarters in Cupertino, California!

According to a listing on Zillow, $600,000 in Texas can get you a 4,000 sq. ft. home, whereas another listing in San Francisco featured a $600,000 house that was a quaint 1 bedroom 1 bath.

“Now I’m trying to find an internship; now I’m thinking about Apple,” Rosas said.

“We both go to Le Cordon Bleu and we’re studying pastries and baking. We’re actually at the brink of looking for externships and internships,” Yzaguirre said.  “We have to go out and find a job,” de los Santos added.  “We can get paid or unpaid, and I’m going for paid. I don’t want to work for free.”

“But I believe in knowledge, and if you are provided for the right kind of knowledge, and if it’s unpaid I wouldn’t mind. I am going to Australia to get paid,” Yzaguirre mentioned.

“If Iknew how to work with computers and phones, I’d go work for Apple,” de los Santos said.

How about those apples!