Divorce Court: Texas Lawyers Ready For Same-Sex Divorces

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FORT WORTH -- Sure it’s all wedding bells and bliss now for newlywed same-sex couples. But, as any married couple knows, soon reality will set in.

“With the Right to Marry comes a corresponding right to divorce,” said divorce attorney Tim Hoch. “In the euphoria of this ruling, there may some folks who rush off to get married and have not thought through all of the consequences of getting married.”

Sometimes that leads couples down the aisle to the dreaded “Bid D.” And we’re not talking about Dallas. We’re talking about DIVORCE.

And for attorneys like Hoch, that can mean Cha-Ching!

But in all seriousness, before the Supreme Court ruling, gay Texans who got married in other states but then wanted to get divorced couldn’t legally do it.

Hoch explained, “It is going to bring a lot of order to a previously chaotic legal entanglement."

So far, he says he hasn’t gotten any calls from same-sex couples to reverse their vows, but he’s ready when the time comes.

“I think folks who are going through a divorce are equally miserable whether they are same sex or in a heterosexual relationship,” Hoch said. “So, we’ll handle any and all who come our way.”