Southern Smoke: Arson Suspected in Four Church Fires in Four States

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SOUTHERN U.S. -- Cops across four southern states are busy investigating a rash of suspicious church fires.

The past week alone, four places of worship, all predominately black, have gone up in flames. The cases happened within days after the deadly church massacre in Charleston.

Last Wednesday, cops said a blaze at Briar Creek Road Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, was intentionally set. The church's pastor had this message for the suspect:  "Honestly I can speak for this church that we've already forgiven them, and we want to move forward," Pastor Mannix Kinsey said.

In Macon, Georgia, arson investigators are trying to figure out how the God`s Power Church of Christ was destroyed last Tuesday, leaving its members, and pastor, stunned.

"I'm really in shock, and I was like "what?!," assistant pastor Jeanette Dudley explained. "What's the church doing on fire? That was my response to it. I just couldn't believe it, and once I got here I cried, I cried."

Cops in Knoxville, Tennessee, also suspect a fire there was arson. The College Hills Seventh Day Adventist church was damaged last Monday. In that case, the fire reportedly started when someone set fire to bales of hay.

The most recent case happened on Friday, at the Glover Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Warrenville, South Carolina. It`s reported that both state cops and the FBI are looking into that fire.

Wow, you gotta wonder, what is going on? Here`s hoping prayers for peace will be answered soon.

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