Peeping Probe: FAA Investigates Cowboys for Using Drones

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VALLEY RANCH -- The Dallas Cowboys were using drones to get a better look at their players during practices; it`s innovative, and a little futuristic.

“It can be a new view of practice a new teaching tool as we try to coach our players,” said head coach Jason Garrett.

But... turns out, it might also be illegal!

According to a Bloomberg Business, the FAA has contacted the Cowboys to tell them, 'Hey! You gotta get a waiver before you start flying drones for commercial purposes!'

The article cites other teams may also have broken the rules by flying drones without permission; the Giants and (no surprise here) the Patriots.

The report also notes that over 600 individuals and businesses have gotten waivers to fly drones, but none of them were NFL teams.

When NewsFix saw the drones in action, we observed the Cowboys' drone hovered about 20 feet over OTA practices. So you'd think there wouldn’t be too much concern about interfering with aircraft in the sky. But we've all seen how drones can harm people on the ground. Two words: Enrique Iglesias.

Back to the Cowboys -- the Bloomberg report says the FAA doesn’t plan to punish any of the teams for failing to turn in their paperwork. The FAA just wants to educate the teams about the rules.

Hey, wonder what the ref gesture for "illegal use of drones" would look like?

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