Carrollton Man Crafts Rosaries by Hand

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CARROLLTON, TX - For many practicing Catholics, it is a symbol of faith and spiritual strength.

The rosary is considered an integral aspect of prayer and meditation. For Tim Dougherty, it is also a form of art and expression; the Carrollton man crafts rosaries by hand.

“My father-in-law learned how to make rosaries when he was in the seminary in Subiaco, Arkansas," Dougherty explained. "He taught me how; he bought me a pair of rosary pliers.”

And with that, Dougherty began his holy hobby; carefully threading each spiritual strand with patience and years of practice.

"I like to make rosaries, number one, it’s something I enjoy doing, to make them for other people.” Dougherty says he prefers to make his rosaries out of olive wood because of the material's connection to the Holy Land.

“I like to give them as baptismal presents or wedding presents or people who might have some spiritual need and might appreciate having a rosary.”

"I think there’s something about a rosary that identifies that something that is spiritual and so, it’s something they can find out more about; or they may just hang it on their car mirror, and that’s fine, too,” Dougherty said as he sat creating his latest rosary.

“I appreciate my father-in-law teaching me how to do it, and giving me the equipment to get started.”

"He’s passed away, but he said he usually gave people rosaries and he just said, say a rosary for me."




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