Kicking For A Cause: FC Dallas & Lionsraw Host All Night Soccer Marathon

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FRISCO, TX — We’ve all pulled an all-nighter before, whether you’re cramming for a final, taking in the nightlife, or going on an accidental Netflix binge! But how about a soccer all-nighter?

Yeah that’s what some brave souls over at the FC Dallas Foundation and Lionsraw set out to do, kicking off under the lights on Friday night, and finishing up just after sunrise on Saturday!

“For the last 12 hours we’ve been doing a through the night soccer marathon.” said Jon Burns, CEO of Lionsraw, “We’ve had a home team of about 40 guys that have played right through the night and then we’ve had about 10 or 12 teams come in and play us hour after hour to get us through the night!”

Wow, so how do you train for a soccer marathon?

“If you’d watched the last 12 hours you’d realize that nobody did any training!” laughed Burns, “In truth, boys turned up and thought it’d be easy and got a shock cause it wasn’t easy!”

Yeah, anybody would need a nap after half a day of soccer!

The sleep deprivation and blisters weren’t for nothing, though. The event was designed to raise money for the FC Dallas foundation, and Lionsraw, a soccer charity outreach group.

“We partner with places all over the world doing projects for local children in need. So we get football fans, soccer fans who want to make a difference, we get them doing events like this, patenting in downtown Dallas doing soccer schools for the summer.” said Burns, “And so with our relationship with FC Dallas and the FC Dallas foundation, we put this event on, really pointing towards our events this summer.”

Well way to go, guys… sounds like you’ve earned yourselves some sleep!

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