Activist Arrested After Taking Down SC Capitol Confederate Flag

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COLUMBIA, SC- The heated debate over the confederate flag and everything it symbolizes has set off more fireworks than the Fourth of July.

Ever since, the battle flag was connected to the Charleston church shooting suspect,  Dylann Roof, the removal of it has come into question.

But,  some anti- flag activists aren't taking 'no' for an answer. Bree Newsome has managed to spark her own hash-tag, 'Free Bree'

She was arrested for physically removing the flag from South Carolina’s state capitol Saturday morning. Check out this video of her climbing the 30 foot pole and retrieving the flag in victory.

Yeah, she's even received support from big name activists, like, Michael Moore who offered to bail her out and pay any legal fees.


An Indie Go Go page has also been set up to fund Newsome's Bail. It surpassed it's goal of $20, 000 in the first hour.

On the flip side: The flag, which is protected by South Carolina’s state law, was eventually put back up 45 minutes after Newsome’s arrest.

Maybe her words will spark action and lay this whole flag fight to rest.

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