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Mavs Draft First Indian-Born Player in NBA History

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FRISCO, TX — For most Mavs fans, Draft Day has become Trade Day. Yeah, the last time the team drafted a player who even played one game in a Dallas uniform was 2007.

Well, that may have finally changed last night with Mark Cuban and the gang scooping up two picks: Justin Anderson out of Virginia and Satnam Singh out of India.

Out at his annual charity baseball game, Dirk Nowitzki sounded off on the team’s haul.

“We were a little fortunate, I think,” Nowitzki said. “We kind of got one of our guys that was on the board that we really wanted, and it worked out.”

Well, the team also made a little history. Satnam Singh, the 7 foot 2 center, is the first player born in India to be drafted into the NBA.

So, what does the Big German think about the Big Indian?

“He was just working out with us last week on his draft workout and he’s a big boy! His hands almost wrapped around mine,” said Dirk.

Wow! And Dirk isn’t known for his little hands.

Well, if you’re still not happy with the guys the Mavs grabbed, at least be happy that they’ve never ripped on the team before.

Two new picks, Larry Nance Jr. and Bobby Portis, had to rush to Twitter to clear off old tweets. Nance had tweeted a joke about Kobe Bryant being a rapist back in 2012. That soon disappeared after the Lakers called his name while Portis slammed the Bulls back in ’11.

He later tweeted out an apology to the Bulls nation and asked his new teammates what kind of donuts they like. Good move, rookie!

Hey, this can be a lesson to us all. Don’t go slamming folks that might be paying you one day!

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