WATCH: Giant Vortex Big Enough to Swallow a Boat

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DENISON, TX — This may be the spookiest thing we’ve seen in a long time. And it really sucks.

A giant gaping hole opened up in the middle of Lake Texoma. The swirling vortex is sucking in water, like something straight of “The Twilight Zone.”

Twitter went bonkers when US Army engineers posted a video of the weird whirlpool to YouTube. It’s said to be “8 feet in diameter and capable of sucking in a full-sized boat.”

Uhh… what the you know what?!

Is it a sign that the end is near?!

Crews say, not so fast. There’s a perfectly good explanation — floodwaters are being drained from the Denison Dam.

“Just like in your house when you fill a bathtub full of water and [open] the drain, it will develop a vortex or whirlpool,” BJ Parkey, assistant lake manager at Lake Texoma, told Business Insider.

Uhh.. ok.

Whatever the explanation, this is some creepy stuff, y’all!