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Downloading Free Lost Dog App Helps Dallas Animal Services

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DALLAS — About a month ago, we told you about a new app that could change the way pet owners track down their lost pooches. Finding Rover uses state of the art facial recognition technology to identify and reconnect lost dogs with their owners.

“By simply registering for the Finding Rover app, when you lose your pet or you find a pet, you simply take a picture of that pet. It is downloaded to a map that shows people where lost and found pets are throughout the city of Dallas,” explained Jody Jones, the manager of Dallas Animal Services. “And we’re excited to say that we’ve recently had our first two reunites here in Dallas!”

That's right. The app is already helping lost dogs get home. But now the folks over at Dallas Animal Services need your help. The Petco Foundation will donate a $20,000 to the group if 20,000 people download the app by the 4th of July.

“That’s how much Petco believes that this is the technology that will keep people’s pets in their home and safe and close to their hearts where they belong,” said Jones.

The app is free. It helps you find your beloved canine faster and more efficiently, and a download helps out your local animal services. That’s a triple win right there.

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