Safe Exchange: North Richland Hills PD Offers Craigslist Safe Zones

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NORTH RICHLAND HILLS -- Sites like Craigslist have their fair share of deals, but sometimes those deals are too good to be true.

"It's very easy for citizens to make online transactions, and with that growth, there's also those folks out there who use these forums to victimize individuals," Officer Jeff Williams with North Richland Hills PD said.

Yeah, you hear stories almost all the time about shady buyers and sellers. In fact, you might remember a few months ago NewsFix told you about Jeramy Collins after he took the moped he bought on Craigslist to a mechanic to fix a minor problem.

"They took a look at us and said that the vehicle identification number had been scratched off," Collins aid.

The VIN number was gone but not forgotten. That's why many cities across the country have set up Safe Zones to make it easier to catch folks trying to pull a fast one.

The newest PD to set up one of those zones is North Richland Hills.

"We really took a proactive approach to this and wanted to address this problem before it actually manifested into something we truly needed to deal with," said Officer Williams.

The program is similar to what cities like Denton have set up. Folks can meet in the lobby and exchange goods. In addition to the lobby, NRH has a designated spot outside for the deals to go down.

Now, this just a temporary spot until North Richland Hills finishes construction on the new PD Headquarters and City Hall.

The location at the new facility is going to be better," Officer Williams said. "It's going to be more visible and more lit. Our goal is to have four parking spaces instead of two."

The hope is with more and more cities implementing the Safe Zones, reports of deal breakers will decline across the country. In the meantime, buyer beware!