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Local Child Musician Takes on Hollywood

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DALLAS -- It’s not everyday folks get a chance to live their dreams, but tell that to Marlhy Murphy. She’s going to be starring in the upcoming musical comedy “A History of Radness.”

And you could say music is her passion. One dead giveaway is the laundry list of instruments she plays.

"Drums, guitar, bass, banjo mandolin, flute, ukulele -- kind of everything,” Murphy said.

Oh, did we mention she’s only 12?

"I don't think I would say that I have the normal, typical, childhood,” Murphy said. "I'm currently home schooled since I kind of travel back and forth from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California."

Murphy will be playing the role of Tessie in the pilot that’s set to release on Amazon Prime June 26th, and you don’t need a subscription.

Despite Murphy’s strong musical skill set, she is no stranger to acting.

"I started acting when I was three, at the Dallas Children's Theater,” Murphy said.

Wow, pretty amazing what you can do when you start young, right?

"It's definitely really hard to try and find what you want to do, and I've managed to find it really fast,” Murphy said.

How ‘Rad’ is that?

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