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Really Perry? Rick Perry Calls Charleston Shooting an “Accident”

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NEW YORK CITY, NY- Well, we knew it was just a matter of time before Rick "oops I did it again" Perry would make an appearance.

But we didn't know it would come just 16 days into his presidential campaign.

Oh yes, and this one is a real doozie.

The church massacre in Charleston is a sensitive subject and emotions are running high.

So, it's certainly not a good time for Perry to well, pull a "Perry" in a public platform.

In an interview with Steve Malzberg, Perry’s response to Obama’s statement on gun control back-fired when he referred to the Charleston shooting as an "accident".

Wait, what?!

Perry's team quickly went into damage control insisting the presidential candidate meant to say 'incident' instead of 'accident.'


Well, even the staff's statement couldn’t stop the shots social media were firing at the former Texas Governor.


Leave it up to Twitter to take us back to the 2012 debate. You know?  The one where Perry lost his train of thought…

Uh, yeah -- talk about a train wreck!

Well, only time will tell if Perry’s latest blunder will prove as costly at the polls.

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