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Arrest Made in Deadly Convenience Store Robbery

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THE COLONY, TX -- It was the news family members of Samira Siwakoti desperately wanted to hear.

"I called the family last night," The Colony Police Chief David Coulon said. "Mr. Siwakoti stated to me that now he feels like his wife can finally be at rest."

Exactly 10-days after Samira was brutally gunned down during a robbery, cops made a crucial break in the case. 19-year-old Deon Kingston was arrested and charged with capital murder.

The mother of two young children was shot to death while working at her family owned convenience store in The Colony. Cops say tips generated from surveillance video lead them to a house in Frisco where Kingston was apparently staying.

"While Frisco PD and The Colony PD surrounded the house, the suspect, and one other person, fled," Chief Coulon explained.

"There was a short foot chase through the neighborhood. The suspect briefly got away. Three of The Colony police detectives were able to find them hiding and placed him into custody.”

The other suspect is also considered a person of interest in the Rapido robbery. The cruel crime left a family and The Colony community in mourning.

"I don’t know the reason why, but it happened to this family and that’s just awful,” Ramon Infante said. "I just met the brother-in-law of the lady that was murdered and I just told him that I was sorry and I hope his brother and the kids are going to be alright.”

The Colony cops believe Kingston could be linked to other robberies in their city. The suspect’s arrest is a big step towards justice for the Siwakoti family, but it’s clear, this case is far from over.

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